What is the Local Reuse Authority (LRA)?
The Local Reuse Authority (LRA) is the one point of contact for negotiating with the Department of Defense and the single community point of contact for all matters relating to closure of the Naval Weapons Station. The Concord City Council has been designated as the LRA. The LRA was also the entity responsible for preparing the Reuse Plan, which established the vision for base reuse by determining:
- Community goals that will guide the planning process,
- Economically and environmentally feasible land uses,
- Community facilities that will be provided through base reuse and,
- The manner in which homeless needs will be balanced with community reuse objectives.

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1. Who will decide what happens to the land?
2. What is the Local Reuse Authority (LRA)?
3. How was the Reuse Plan prepared?
4. What is the Concord Reuse Project (CRP) Area Plan?
5. How was the CRP Area Plan developed?
6. What is the Area Plan's role in the CRP?
7. What is the difference between the Reuse Plan and the CRP Area Plan?
8. How much housing will be built under the Area Plan? Will there be affordable housing?
9. How many jobs will be generated under the Area Plan?
10. What is the Specific Plan and how will it be used?
11. What is the Infrastructure Master Plan and how will it be used?