Master Developer Campaign Contribution Restrictions

Campaign Contribution Restrictions on Concord First Partners, LLC

When the City Council, acting as the Local Reuse Authority, agreed to the Exclusive Agreement to Negotiate with Concord First Partners, LLC (CFP) on October 26, 2021 - the agreement placed restrictions on the making of campaign contributions by CFP or their employees, contractors, or subcontractor working on the Project.  See Section 12.1 of the agreement.

There are two lists of people who are restricted from making or soliciting contributions "to the campaign, or any political action committee supporting or opposing the election or re-election, of (i) any appointed or elected sitting City of Concord official running for any elected office, or (ii) any candidate running for elected City office."

  1.  Developer Restricted Individuals (DRI)
  2.  Developer Agents (DRI) Employees, Contractors, and Subcontractors working on the Project

Each list may be updated as necessary (new employees, vendors working on the project) and the latest list can be found at the links above.

CFP has also included a provision in their contracts with contractors, subcontractors, and third-parties working on the Project against making restricted campaign contributions.

Councilmembers Pledge

To increase public confidence in the Project development process, members of the City Council have signed a pledge to not knowingly accept campaign donations from Developer Restricted Individuals or Developer Agents and further pledge to return such donations in full, in a timely manner after learning thereof.  These signed pledges can be found at the links below.

  1.  Tim McGallian
  2.  Dominic Aliano
  3.  Edi Birsan
  4.  Laura Hoffmeister
  5.  Carlyn Obringer

Campaign Contribution Statements can be found on the City's website here.