What is a Master Developer?

A master developer is responsible for managing the overall process of turning a site into a development project. Unlike a builder of homes or offices, a master developer is responsible for overseeing all aspects of development from start to finish, including crafting plans for the development with the community, financing the project, preparing the site and constructing infrastructure (known as "horizontal construction"), and overseeing the project through final buildout. A master developer may also construct the buildings (the "vertical construction"—homes, offices, retail, and more) once site work and improvements are complete, or may select other builders to do so.

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1. Who is developing the site?
2. What is a Master Developer?
3. Has a Master Developer been chosen for the project?
4. Will the developer develop the whole site? Will the site be developed in phases?
5. How long will it take to develop the site? When will it start?