How was the CRP Area Plan developed?
Following the adoption of the Reuse Plan, the City developed the Area Plan by adapting the community’s vision for the site into policies and standards for land use, transportation, environmental protection, labor agreements, affordable housing, and public safety. These, along with the same development program and general land use pattern as the Reuse Plan, form the basis of the Area Plan. The Area Plan was adopted by the City Council into the General Plan. For more information on the Area Plan see the Area Plan page.

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1. Who will decide what happens to the land?
2. What is the Local Reuse Authority (LRA)?
3. How was the Reuse Plan prepared?
4. What is the Concord Reuse Project (CRP) Area Plan?
5. How was the CRP Area Plan developed?
6. What is the Area Plan's role in the CRP?
7. What is the difference between the Reuse Plan and the CRP Area Plan?
8. How much housing will be built under the Area Plan? Will there be affordable housing?
9. How many jobs will be generated under the Area Plan?
10. What is the Specific Plan and how will it be used?
11. What is the Infrastructure Master Plan and how will it be used?