Key Reuse Project Documents

1. ​Area Plan

The Area Plan translates the community vision of the Reuse Plan into policies and standards to guide development on the former Concord Naval Weapons Station (CNWS). The Area Plan was adopted by the City in 2012 and incorporated into the City’s General Plan.

Area Plan Book 1

Area Plan Book 1

Area Plan Book 2

Area Plan Book 2

Area Plan Book 3

Area Plan Book 3

2. Draft (Lennar) Specific Plan (Not Adopted)
The following links provide information about the Administrative Draft Specific Plan prepared by Lennar Concord LLC, and provide to City Reuse Project staff in March 2019, an unfinished work in progress not adopted by the City of Concord. 

Specific Plan Documents

  1. December 15, 2020 to City Council
  2. City's comments on the Administrative Draft II of the Concord Reuse Project Specific Plan
  3. Table of Contents (Only) for the Administrative Draft II of the Concord Reuse Project Specific Plan
  4. Administrative Draft II of the Concord Reuse Project Specific Plan (Specific Plan for the Concord Naval Weapons Station, March 2019)

3. Environmental Review

As part of the planning process, the City is committed to studying the environmental impacts of the Reuse Project. Documents for the environmental review of each major plan are included below.

Specific Plan Environmental Review Documents  [To be posted as documents are available]

The Reuse Plan and Area Plan underwent extensive environmental review prior to adoption. The Reuse Plan's final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was finalized in 2010, and final EIR Addendum for the Area Plan was completed in 2012.

4. Reuse Plan

Developed through years of public outreach, the Reuse Plan is a federal document that formally expresses the community’s vision for the future of the former CNWS to the Navy and federal agencies.  The final plan reflected ideas developed through creation of numerous alternative concepts.

Final Reuse Plan - Diagram

Final Reuse Plan

Other Selected Reuse Plan Documents

5. Defining the Community Vision

The overall vision for the CNWS was developed by the City and community during Phase I of the project. 

Goals and Guiding Principles, Final Report

Goals and Guiding Principles Final Report, 9/2006

Other Selected Community Vision Documents

6. News Releases and Public Records Requests

All news releases and public records requests for the Reuse Project are in the Document Library.

7. Community Advisory Committee (CAC) - Specific Plan (Initiated 2017)

Formed at the end of 2016, the CAC is modeled after the original CAC formed during earlier phases of the Reuse Project. The CAC serves as an advisory body to provide input and encourage public participating during the process of creating the project's Specific Plan.

8. Community Advisory Committee (CAC) - Reuse and Area Plan (2006-2009)

The original CAC was formed in 2006 to provide input to the Reuse Plan. The Reuse and Area Plan CAC served as a communication link between the Reuse Project and the community-at-large by assisting in targeting outreach to neighborhoods and interest groups, and promoting attendance at workshops and public meetings. 

9. Master Developer Selection - 2016

The City completed a competitive process to select Lennar | FivePoint as the Master Developer for Phase One Development, an area of approximately 500 acres. The City expects to competitively bid subsequent phases of the Reuse Project, so multiple developers may be chosen to complete the entire project but all will be responsible for implementing the community's vision and goals articulated in the Area Plan.

10. Key Staff Reports

Key staff reports, including City Council agendas and presentations, are in the Document Library.

11. Workshop Materials

Workshop materials, including presentations and comment boards, are in the Document Library. These include materials from a series of community workshops the City hosted in 2007 and 2008 during the Reuse Plan process.

12. Base Reuse Process

The Reuse Project is committed to providing services and accommodations to persons experiencing homelessness. 

Legally Binding Agreements
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See all Base Reuse Process Correspondence in the Document Library.